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Ingo & Natascha - Registry Office Wedding Ceremony

So, the big day had arrived, well the wedding ceremony was for the next day but today the couple were going to be legally bound together. As you can see in the photos, the couple took it all in their stride with everybody laughing and joking.

Then the ceremony began and the tension rose until both had said yes. With just a hint of tears during the ceremony this playful couple shone throughout. Their family and close friends were the same and we had a lot of fun taking the more traditional photos as you can see in the pictures.

The church wedding is for tomorrow and all are hoping that the weather will clear up enough to take a lot of shots outsideā€¦.

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    NataschaSEP 03, 2014

    It is a great art to capture the special moments with all its facets. Lawrence absolutely succeeded in this!

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    IngoSEP 03, 2014

    Beautiful pictures, which do not look at all directed.

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    Ann-ChristinSEP 03, 2014

    Very soulful images which always bring back the experience and atmosphere up close. (Witness)


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